“Medium and speaker developing spiritual workshops”

Providing uplifting thoughts and quotes to inspire you for the day


Welcome to the homepage for the spiritual workshops and the uplifting thoughts and quotes of the Rev’d Irene Buckingham C.G.W.M.

Workshops for those who wish to understand more of the wonderful world of Spirit.

The friendly interactive workshops are run from Irene’s homes in Woodstock, Oxfordshire and Kingsands, Cornwall in collaboration with her colleague Mrs Karen Lowe BSYA (AD.COL) and visiting teaching mediums.

Recognise the power of your thoughts, maintain a positive attitude, let no one pull you down, use those thoughts to build your creative power.

Regardless of the darkness around you, keep that inner strength that allows you to keep going. Have faith that all things will fall into order.

Chakras are an integral part of our spiritual growth. They represents a different level of consciousness. Meaning a different type of feeling.

The upsets and rejects that make you a better person, difficult to comprehend but only time will show you when you reflect on your life.

The lessons in life that cross our path are for us to gain a better under standing of our selves and others.

Ok so it seems you are going 3 steps forward and 4 steps back. The sums don’t add up, be prepared to take a different direction.

Never let another pull you down. Believe in yourself. Keep your head held high and be optimistic about life.

Honour your resistance, because sometimes no action can turn out to be the best action that you could possibly make.

When life gets on top of you, remember you are not alone, wake up tomorrow with confidence, a new day, a new start. Head held high, smile.

Each stage of life is a new bridge to cross, by dealing with each situation positively you will grow and discover the true meaning of life.

Stop clinging on to misfortunes, troubles and worries. Cease being dissatisfied, start focusing and appreciate on what you have.

When you feel another’s pain try to relieve it. When you feel another’s despair try to give hope. One day it maybe you on the receiving end.

When bad thoughts are directed at a person, remember at some stage they come back to you.

Think of your spirit as being the real you, the personality that is you with the knowledge and experience you have gathered in the past.

Every person we meet has been put in our path for a reason. Good and bad. Look back on your past and recognise the lessons you have learnt.

Do you have problems that seem so tangled and no matter how hard you try the knot gets bigger. Be still, let God and our guides untangle it.

Trust is a very special gift from one to another, when that breaks down it is like climbing a difficult wall, but slowly it can be achieved.

By encouraging your children they grow up with confidence, if you have tolerance, they learn to become patient.

Always look within yourself and ask yourself, do you like what you see.

You chose the environment that’s best for your soul to learn life’s lessons before you were born. Have you made good use of those lessons.

Believe in yourself and the rest will come.

We start each day with good intentions, but with no action the intent is not sufficient if not followed through.

I know it’s hard to accept that every person we meet has been put in our path for a reason. So when you come across that cantankerous person. Move on.

In this life we have a number of paths to follow. If you chose a difficult one it’s because there’s a lesson to be learnt. Embrace it, sort it, then get onto another road.