When I was three my mother, who was Greek and had married dad against her will, walked out on him. He found it impossible to cope with the strain of looking after me and my little sister, whilst holding down a job. He agreed to fostering for my sister but chose to send me to a convent in Hastings.

The nuns looked after me and were responsible for my education from the age of three until I was nine. The convent was my home and I spent all the holidays there, including Christmas. I saw very little of my parents, particularly my mother.

It was there that I had a little friend in spirit, but unfortunately was frequently punished by the nuns when they caught me talking to her. They hated my belief that this girl was real, but in another place.

I spent some time with my dad and then my mother before, when I was fifteen, I left school and found a job as a waitress in London. I rented my own flat but still managed to save enough money to travel to Greece to see my mother’s side of the family, especially my grandfather. I spent about three months there, learning a lot about my relatives and getting into some interesting and, at times, frightening situations.

Somehow I always felt protected by forces outside the Earth plane and was definitely saved from drowning, when swimming in the sea one day, by a shouted warning, in my head, to turn around and return to the beach. Another time a different voice warned me to get away from two girls who had befriended me and taken me in as a lodger without payment. When they took me to a hotel with a very odd cellar, fitted out in some luxury, I fled realising that I had naively fallen in with two call girls! Running from the building I came face to face with an uncle who I had been trying to find for weeks.

Throughout my time in Greece I experienced vivid dreams and discovered an ability to predict all sorts of things. I found this so disconcerting that I tried to ignore it most of the time.

In a life in which I have experienced all possible emotions  my  contact with the spirit world has always helped me through the worst times. Each experience has added to my understanding and helped my development.

When I was twenty three and married with three children, I took a job as a clerk in an insurance brokers. I am dyslexic and so when the first task I was given was filing it was a nightmare, but I managed. Wanting to prove my worth I started to answer the ‘phone, copying my colleagues and carefully noting down the information required to give quotations. One day my boss picked up the ‘phone exactly when I did and he decided to listen in to see how well I would cope. He was astonished to see me writing down the details before the customer had answered. This happened twice.

After a year or two my husband and I opened our own brokerage. By this time I was foreseeing quite a lot of natural disasters. After a neighbour reported one particular prediction to the local press the ability left me. Over ten years we built a successful brokerage and retail shop business. We became slaves to making money and growing the company. First our marriage and then our business relationship soured. It was a low point in my life.

We divorced and I kept the three shops while my ex kept the brokerage. I found a new partner but he destroyed our business and my somewhat fragile self-confidence. Finally there was just one shop with us living in the flat above it. I ended our relationship, he ran away from an impossible financial situation and I remember standing in the middle of the shop, bankrupt, amid the closing down sale, feeling at rock bottom.

At that moment a lady walked into the shop looking very preoccupied. I could see that she wasn’t interested in buying anything and she seemed to be as sad as I was. Something told me to tell her to go home where there would be a letter waiting for her. That was the moment my abilities returned. The next day she made the effort to come back telling me that the letter had been from her estranged son who was hoping for reparation.

I then started another phase of my life. A new start with a new, well somewhat second-hand man, a new shop in Woodstock and a feeling of security. My financial worries stopped, partly because I was secure but mainly because I had finally realised what were the most important things in life.

I was able to further my spiritualism through the Greater World Christian Spiritualist Church. I was ordained in December 2003 after four years of study, not easy for a dyslexic! I am fortunate enough that I do not need to make any charge for my abilities as a medium, either in private sittings or when visiting spiritualist churches but enjoy using them to help where I can. I do ask for a donation to charities of my choosing. Since retirement I have started, with two friends, running spiritualist awareness workshops on Saturdays, each one lasting for about seven hours and for which we make a modest charge.