The Butterfly

I would like to tell you of a lady who came into my shop, I had crystals hanging in my window I could see she was interested for she was looking for some time, I had a number of people as well as one staff in the front chatting then, they all decided to go, now when this happens I know the next person who enters will tell me something sad, it was the lady who was looking at the butterfly, I said, that has a meaning to you, yes it dose she said, this is her story,

My daughter had just qualified as a nurse, we helped her buy her first home in Witney, I would pick her up every Sunday to go to church, she was my only child and we were very close, friends as well as mother and daughter, 3 years ago I called for her, but she looked quite ill and wanted to stay in bed, I was worried so I went back after church, I called her doctor out because she looked very poorly, he said it was flu and she needed rest and lots of water with paracetamol, she assures me she would be fine, but that evening I felt I needed to go back, I took one look at her and brought her back home, put her to bed and called my doctor out, I always have a pad and pencil by the phone next to my bed, the door bell rang I went down to let the doctor in, he took one look at her and called the ambulance, I looked at the pad by my phone and saw she had drawn a butterfly, I asked her why and she said, I don’t know. We went with the ambulance and stayed by her bed for 3 hours, then she died. It was such a shock, we arranged the funeral in a daze, so many people came to show their respect but we only had family back to the house. As I was trying to be strong and not let the side down, I heard a tapping on the window and to my surprise there was a red admiral butterfly out side trying to get in, I just know that was my daughter telling us she’s alright. We have seen a butterfly every November so far around her passing. It gives us great comfort to know that she is watching over us.

I was very moved, she talked a lot about her daughter, and the strength she received the first time she saw the butterfly at her window, she knows she will see her again. I gave her the butterfly she was looking at with my blessings. I have retired and sold my shop. but I miss those special times when the shop just empty because I knew the next person that came in needed to talk.


In 1991, it’s an amazing story, I helped a friend out who had a dear friend die. The outcome was that night I went to bed feeling very great-full to spirit for comforting this person. They did the comforting in a way of a letter from the person who died. I picked up a pen wondering if I would get any more words, my eyes were closed when I heard ‘put pen in left hand’. I did this, still with my eyes closed when suddenly my hand started to move very fast, I did not open my eyes until it stopped, I saw a bunch of flowers with a big bow. When Robert came up stairs I told him that spirit did the drawing with my left hand and eyes closed, he just laughed and said mocking me, the flowers are too small, tell them to do larger flowers. Anyway he got into bed started to read his paper, when I heard again ‘put pen in left hand’, my hand started moving very fast, this time I kept looking at Robert saying look, look, well his face was a picture, his mouth opened, he just stared in total surprise, I did not look until my hand stopped moving, there were three large flowers. Well when he relayed what had happened to his daughter she said, what can I do with eyes opened and using my right hand. Well I started painting, I just had the desire to do water colour, I sold 26 paintings in my shop thinking this was a wonderful way of earning money, the paintings ranged from country views flowers, sea side. But sadly it stopped just after a year. I tried many times to paint or draw nothing happened, but just before this Christmas I felt I needed to go to art class, it looks like this wonderful gift may be back with me. Hope so. Xx

Thought provoking
The Guest House
This being human is a guest house.
 Every morning a new arrival.
A joy, a depression, a meanness,
 Some momentary awareness comes
 As an unexpected visitor.
Welcome and entertain them all!
 Even if they're a crowd of sorrows,
 Who violently sweep your house.
 Empty of its furniture,
 Still treat each guest honorably.
 He may be clearing you out
 For some new delight.
The dark thought, the shame,the malice,
 Meet them at the door laughing,
 And invite them in.
Be grateful for whoever comes,
Because each has been sent
As a guide from beyond.

The essential Rumi: Translated by Coleman Barks; Harper Collins, 1995; p.104
Body - Soul

As human beings we each have both a physical body and an unseen soul, which create the life we lead.

Our body inhabits and perceives the physical world through our senses and instinct, while our soul is able for visit and perceive the otherworld when we dream, imagine or envision.

Our physical instinct is the prime watchdog of our bodily powers while the perceptions of our soul guard the seat of our integrity.

The word ‘psyche’ means ‘soul’. ‘Psychic’, merely means ‘of the soul’ and has nothing to do with prophetic insight, which is the way we usually use the word ‘psychic’. You perceive with your soul or psyche through your imagination and insight. This is a normal ability.

Psychic disruption is whatever unseats your soul from its accustomed ease and grace. Each cell in your body, each component of your soul contains embedded information about your whole being. What hurts one part of your body or soul hurts all parts of your being.

We need both bodily instinct and psychic or soul-perception to navigate this universe safely.

We see our soul many times in others or we have been aware of its absence.

It lives in the light of the eyes, in the vigour and integrity of your deed and their outcome. If you have seen a dead body you understand the absence of soul, when you look into the eyes of depressed friends you will be aware of how less inhabited they appear, some part of their soul is absent.

Lets look at yourself bring your mind to an incident which troubles you. Remember how you reacted in your body, maybe a dry mouth, screwed up fists, a tightening or fluttering in your middle. Remember how you felt, surprise, shock, upset or anger, did you feel betrayed, outrage, fear or an overall sense of being unsafe?

This was how your soul was reacting for the incident. Although you may lack a specialist terminology to talk about your soul, you possess a metaphor with which to speak and dream about your soul’s experience, for instance you might say that you were ‘sold down the river’ when someone cheats you, or dealt ‘under the weather’ when something, has depressed you, or were ‘hung out to dry’ when someone broke their promise. Listen to yourself in these metaphors; you are describing the state of your soul. Our body and soul share a physical and a metaphysical life. ‘Metaphysical’ just means ‘that which transcend the physical’.

As your understanding of the connections between the body and soul mature, so you grow more alert to the causes of psychic disruption and wiser about what to do about it. And, in doing so you will be preserving and respecting the life of the whole universe, not just your own life.

Power of thought

Today there are many people who are beginning to become aware of the world of Spirit. We know that the spirit world’s desire is for us to have the knowledge that such a place exists. The only way in which you can really become aware of it’s existence is through meditation and the opening of the clairvoyant eye and ear.

There are many thoughts which influence you. For example, family, home and friends, your occupation and the world news that is brought into the home via media such as television, radio and now the internet. All of this will affect the way you receive from the world of Spirit as the channel of light which links us to our higher selves must be clear. Needless to say, this is seldom the case as we are so immersed in our lives and are constantly bombarded by media, our defenses are broken down, leaving us skeptical of any images or impressions brought from the spirit world.

Children today who come from a higher sphere, bring with them a certain amount of spiritual knowledge. They are here to help create better conditions for the future. A truly incredible undertaking for those so young. It is believed that we are on the threshold of a new age. Hard to believe when things look so chaotic some times! But if you consider the millions of years that the earth has been in existence, so much has happened to create what we see today. Where there is war and strife, man has created quite a task for future generations to deal with.

The power of thought can play a big part in helping to heal the worid and children are key to that success. So much is spoken about the after-life, but little ever mentioned about pre-life (the preparation of the soul for future earthly journeys).

If we accept the theory of reincarnation and the soul’s journey on the road of evolution which takes many thousands of years to cover, it makes sense that there is a lot to learn. Distinguishing between right and wrong then good and evil. Later there are the spiritual lessons such as compassion, patience, endurance, truth, love, light and power These can take many existences and lives. In the main, we all have a habit of believing that earth is the only place where a  soul can gain experience.

Scientists believe that life cannot exist on pther planets, perhaps they regard life as they find it on Earth? The prospect of beings of higher or lower vibrations existing in difierent atmospheres is beyond our science today. but perhaps we should ask, why would the creator of the universe have created planets that are not able to be used? and why is it, each planet is surrounded  by an aura of light in the same way as the Earth?

7 main Chakras

Do you understand what your Chakra is all about?

Animals are sensitive

Woll our dog is sensitive and knowing. Robert always takes our 2 dogs into work with him but that morning he was running late and asked if I would drop them off, I took my time in getting ready and was in our bathroom when Woll started to bark at me, I was up stairs getting ready, he kept running up to me then to the bedroom door barking none stop, at first I thought he was fed up with me taking my time but his behaviour was very strange, it was like he wanted to tell me something. I looked out of the window, nothing unusual, I tried to calm him down, but he would not stop.

When I got down stairs he run backwards and forwards to the kitchen barking none stop, I looked around and tried to reassure him, he then went to the back patio window, this is the way I always go to my car in the garage but the night before i came home late and left my car in the road, I called the dogs to the front door to get into my car, woll started to bark none stop again.

He refused to come to the car which was unusual as he normally would be the first as he hated being left behind. He run back to the kitchen sat at the patio door still barking. I could not see anything outside but to reassure him I opened the door he went out and just sat barking. I called him in but he would not come, I then went out to grab him in.

To my surprise our gardener in his mid seventies was slumped on a chair which was between two windows he was semi unconscious, white as a sheet, and very cold. I warped him up with a blanket and called an ambulance. It transpired, he decided to come an extra day to cut a bush he had brought his step ladder but fell of it and had broken his wrist, arm, and shoulder blade. He was also suffering from shock. It was all down to woll that I found him. Woll loved him and never barked when he came to us, just wagged his tail a lot. You hear of stories like this, I never thought I would experience one.

Well done Woll.